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11.10.2016 October 7th Agents Meeting: A Great Success

October 7th 2016
The Major of Busto Arsizio Dott. Emanuele Antonelli, welcome all the Partecipants at the Guarneri Technology Meeting at Busto Arsizio Textile Museum.
Before the meeting, a tour inside the textile history of the city of Busto Arsizio, nicknamed The Italian Manchester, showed to the Partecipants the textile and textile machinery tradition of our area.

We wish to thank you warmly for your constructive contribution to this extremely important meeting, which you attended.
Coming Together Is A Beginning - Keeping Together Is Progress - Working Together Is Success

Grazie Mille

Pinuccia Lualdi Guarneri - Alberto Guarneri - Ettore Guarneri

05.10.2016 Guarneri Technology - Meeting 2016


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